Essay on Personal Statement : Health Care

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Personal Statement
I realized at a young age that health, in general, fascinated me. Every aspect of health made me want to learn more about it, including the health care delivery, the health care professionals, and lastly the diagnoses. After arriving in Canada and becoming accustomed to the free health care, it made me realize that health care resources are difficult to find and to navigate. Initially, studying the science behind the state of health was my focus, but then the concept of social health was introduced to me. While pursuing my studies in Biomedical Science, I learned about how infections occur at the molecular level. However, my curiosity was not satisfied, and I started taking courses in Health Sciences. That is when it opened my eyes to the possibility of social factors such as family or work being possible causations of poor health.
Following graduation from Biomedical Science and Health Science, to increase my exposure to the health care system I began working at a medical clinic. This is where I saw the real examples of public health. Homeless patients who required medications covered by the provincial drug plan had a hard time accessing health care as rarely did they have a family physician, thus having to wait hours in a walk-in clinic instead. Furthermore, many patients who require prescription changes had to wait days before obtaining their medications. Most of the time, these same patients required forms that were necessary for obtaining social…

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