Essay about Personal Statement : Formal Writing Sample

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Personal statement. In contrast with the formal writing sample, we use the personal statement to get to know you a little better. The personal statement should be a maximum of 1700 words. Please use the personal statement address the following three questions:
What is your understanding of social work as a profession, and its role in creating a just society?
What experiences (both personal and professional) have helped you prepare to work across differences and in multicultural environments? What challenges will you face in preparing for and doing this kind of work?
What are your short- and long-term professional goals, and how do you see the MSW degree contributing to your professional preparation?
As a profession, social workers strive to help create a just society. Through advocating for those who lack a voice, social workers are advocating for justice. By simply supporting the poor, oppressed, and marginalized, social workers are working towards equality of all people. They are able to contribute to a just society by utilizing their core values of service, social justice, importance of human relationships, dignity and worth of a person, integrity, competence, and cultural competence. Through service, social workers are able to work with the poor, oppressed, and marginalized in order to create social justice. This can be accomplished by simply being fair to all people and respecting them for who they are. Taking the time to truly get to know somebody who is different from…

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