Pursuing Education In The Future

Pursuing an education major will be highly beneficial in the future. My interest in education is rooted in experiences I have had throughout my life that have led me to study education. Experiencing elementary education first hand, having an open and understanding perspective towards the education system, having a point of view towards how students should be taught, all of which factor into my future classroom. As a future teacher I have the experience that will enable me to be fully equipped in my own classroom.
I first became interested in the teaching profession when I began working with children. Being afforded the opportunity to watch my aunt teach additionally sparked my interest. I helped in her classroom throughout the summer and the
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Schools should be structured around what is most academically successful for the children. Education starts early, so being apart of this betterment for the future is quite important in my mind. The aspects of being a teacher are being an educator, motivator, and role model. A school needs to be student focused, providing support and services for every student. Higher achievement is the main goal for both students and educators, thus proving the importance of differentiation of student learning in the classroom. By allowing all students to learn in their best-fit environment, achievement goals and understanding will improve. The structure of the school should be a welcoming place that creates a sense of community and belonging; students should feel safe and comfortable at school. By taking the time to understand students, your teaching style can be modified to their personal learning and needs. Personal connections can first be done by knowing each student’s name and basic background of their family. As a teacher, placing my outmost time into my profession, truly getting to know each and every one of my students and creating a connection with them can achieve these goals. With administration, staff, and the community supporting me as a teacher I believe this will contribute to the overall welcoming environment for the students because there will be positive, …show more content…
Having a tidy and colorful room is my goal, one room filled with laminated posters, well-stocked bookshelf, and a circle rug in the front of the room. My goal is to make a warm and welcoming environment for all of my students each day. By being organized, having personal designated areas for all students, having materials for all students, and a clear set of expectations, I believe my future classroom will run smoothly. I believe the most important aspect of the classroom, besides the physical aspect, is the daily interaction and expectations. Regardless of the age, some type of routine should be installed within a classroom. A routine allows for a starting point for the day or to move around, but it is subject for addition and change. After the daily meeting, stations or learning time happens. The stations allow for students to move at their own pace on the tasks they are told, physically move around the room and change their learning environment, allow the teachers to work one on one with students during this time, and gives students a sense of freedom and responsibility meanwhile accomplishing goals. This is a strategic plan for teachers that benefit both them and their students. Moving around and learning all help students remain actively engaged while still maintaining order in the

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