Personal Statement For Employee Development Essay

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In 2007, a young woman quit her career to become a stay at home mother. There were many reasons behind leaving her employer of seven years. The reason presented to her employer was that she possessed a deep-seated longing to become the primary caregiver for her child. However, the truth behind her departure was that tension between her and a newly promoted, inexperienced, and unsupportive supervisor had created an undesirable work environment. This manager strictly enforced a traditional work schedule without consulting the organization’s guidelines for employee development, which included flexible work schedules. By doing this, the supervisor refused to consider the other employee’s need for work-life balance. The department staff did not receive the loss of flexible work arrangements well. The young woman was the first to leave, but within six months, several employees found employment elsewhere.
Many employers have enacted policies and strategies to encourage employees to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. According to Wang and Verma (2012), “The aim of these programs is to help organizations to attract and retain highly skilled workers by providing support to balance workers’ personal lives and their work” (p. 411). When making the decision to return to the workforce it is important to review and evaluate employment options, especially while attempting to strike a balance between a workplace environment and home life.
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