Personal Statement For Early Childhood Education Essay

1342 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
a. I believe my strengths are passion, I need to have that to work with children with special rights; perseverance and patience, they go together, I can’t give up on children, I insist and find a solution to what they need from me, I like challenge; willingness, I go the extra mile, being a teacher is a lot of work and I should know that in advance; I have also high energy to run, jump and have fun with children. I don’t have a sense of humor, but I am silly with the children and able to do jokes and play.
b. I would say that professional development is like a battery charge for a teacher, you need to recharge your knowledge, renew your belief, generations change so should you. Teachers need to follow a plan that will help them mature in their profession and personal development to be always competent and in avanguardia.
c. Strategies that are effective for early childhood education are Be at their level when teachers need to talk to them or interact. Give real experience to be able to learn from it. (Dewey) Do not interrupt a play or a positive social interaction between children Understanding their stages of development according to Piaget, Erikson and Vygotsky. Encourage communication Use of scaffolding in ZPD Encourage self-regulation modeling appropriate behavior Ask parents information about their children Foster independence giving simple choices Accept that toddlers change moods and you will encourage self-esteem and confidence Encourage free…

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