Personal Statement For Breaking The Electric Box Essay

1393 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Before we begin, I would personally like to say that this was a great assignment for me and my colleagues to do. I say this because, everyone needs to have an understanding on how their thoughts influence their emotions. It is something that is always overlooked, and something that we all as human beings can improve on. Why? For the simple fact, that gaining a better understanding of your thoughts, could possibly allow you to handle things easier in your future. And I honestly believe that this assignment will allow us to do so. The emotions that I will cover in this paper are, being blamed for breaking the electric box, my friend telling his grandma about something that was only supposed to stay between me and him/getting back to my mom, and me not doing my best on the test. Let’s begin!
As I stated above, the first emotion I will cover is, being blamed for breaking the electricity box. Let’s wrap this up in a nut shell, shall we? So, it all revolves me walking in the house, and the first thing I hear is “Jamill was the one that broke the electricity box.” This lead to me becoming very confused and angry about this situation. I was both confused in angry because, my family just flat out accused me of breaking the box. Let’s not forget to mention, that I was just walking in the house, therefore, I didn’t understand why they singled me out? The cognition 's that I felt form my family were, beliefs, and assumptions. Beliefs played a part because, all my family just…

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