Essay on Personal Statement For A Speech

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I have been in speech ever since I was in fourth grade. I really took to it, and found out that I was a really good public speaker. Through Speech I have honed my public speaking skills. I have to do multiple things in order to get ready for a speech meet including personal hygiene, wardrobe, and pre round exercises.
The first thing that I do to get ready for a speech meet in the morning is personal hygiene. Personal hygiene includes showering, cologne and deodorant, and the most important: my hair. I get the water all ready for the shower, and then I recite my script in the shower to make sure I know it and have it down. The first problem that I encounter is what smell of soap am I feeling that day. Next I have to pick a conditioner to get my hair ready for the last step in personal hygiene. After showering I have to pick cologne and deodorant. You have to pick the right cologne to complement your soap you used in the shower. Then you have to use deodorant to make sure that you don’t get pit stains because there is nothing worse than having pit stains. Next you have to do your hair, which is not just combing it to one side and calling it good, for most people it starts in the shower like I mentioned before. By the time I get to doing my hair it is in perfect condition to start styling it. Styling my hair takes one type of product and hair spray and once I get it perfect no one can touch it. There is a lot of preparation for a speech meet in respect to personal hygiene in…

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