Personal Statement For A Professional Counselor Essay examples

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Many people does not actually take the time to think of how the word helping has multiple different viewpoints from different individuals. The word helping can mean many different things: giving a physical helping hand, giving verbal advice, and referring to a professional counselor. I learned a lot throughout my life from family, friends, girl scouts, and teachers on how helping can be very important in our everyday lives. Other individuals has different views on their personal belief of helping, but mine has helped me through my life. If you have been asked to help hand out papers to the class, and you pass out all necessary papers, this is an example of helping. Also, helping your mother/father clean the house would be considered a way to be a helper. Cleaning can be exhausting, boring, and difficult; consider the hard work an accomplishment because now your mother/father will not have to do them all themselves. A person is struggling with homework, I decide to sit down for a few hours to make sure they are understanding the material properly. When an individual presents me with a problem they are having, I will sit down with them to be a listener, a comforter, and an advice giver. A person seeking help by asking a close friend for advice, comfort, and a shoulder to cry on is called informal helping. When a friend is talking behind your back, you could ask a church leader to give you answers of what to do with your situation. A church leader will give you bible…

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