Essay on Personal Statement For A Group Conversation

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In our two week’s group conversation, I notice that we spent most of our time talking with one person in our group. Therefore, I am wondering if each conversation, will have a main focus on one person in the group. However, I was happy to hear more from Paris and Chelsea, as for both of them I would love to learn more about. As we continue to have these group conversation, I hope to better form relationship with everyone in my group. I had, have one on one conversation with majority of the member in our group. Therefore, I would like to be able to continue having conversation to build on each of my relationship. Those who, I have not speak with one on one is the individuals who I hope to learn more about for example, (Amanda and Pam.C). Another personal goal I have for group, is to become more aware of me being able to be blunt and not offend anyone. My reasoning for wanting to work on this, is due to my past friendship, it was a problem and I did not realize I offend them. Therefore, this ties in with my next goal, is to be a better friend which ties into my final goal, is to be able to form a better understanding of who I am. I hope to do this by learning how to interact with others, as well being more involve in my relationships. In these two conversation I have learned a lot about others within the group. Therefore, I have learned how the word bitch could be offensive to Chelsea when used in a negative away. I have also learned that she is not as standoffish as she…

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