Personal Statement Example Essay

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Being brought in a moderately educated family and background, albeit there have been efforts and attempts made in order to encourage me to be successful in academics, such efforts were taken for granted. However, things were changed when I did almost fail to satisfy the requirements for a stand in the science stream during my secondary period. As such, I believe that education does make a stark and huge difference although there is a possibility that working experiences could overturn such situation in this world. With efforts and hard work, I can feel that my self-conscious is at ease and satisfied.
Nevertheless, since after the moment I have started my CAL course, things are not similar compared to my high school period. With only hard
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Alongside with the judicial creativity exercised by the law lords, equity and justice can be achieved as illustrated in (Kingsnorth Finance Ltd v Tizards), whereby the court protected the equitable interest of a wife in land. Also, with great and dedicated lawyers, there come the reasonably good arguments convincing judges and that is my ambition, as a mean to protect the interests of the others in order to enforce justice, fairness and equity. Applying sociological theories such as the functionalism, Marxism, feminism and others into the reality of the world I face is part of my daily practices, in order to take into account and ponder upon the consideration of others.
Life is dull without sports and I represented my former high school for a various sports which involve teamwork including basketball and handball. Furthermore, being appointed as one of the director for Interact Club, I have learned the appropriate methods in dealing with people and controlling the juniors. With that, I consider myself of having the qualities of teamwork and leadership. It has been a practice for me to take into account the consideration and the reasonable mind of the others.
I do participate in sports such as basketball and also attending gym. This is to ensure that I could release my stress and maintain my health balances. Reading is also part of my interest

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