Reflective Essay: Applying For A Scholarship Application

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There is a specific reason I am applying for this scholarship. I believe that there are several characteristics that set me apart from other candidates such as my ability to persevere after obstacles and my character. I have endured many different hardships in my life, but rather than making excuses, I refuse to allow them define who I am or who I can be. They have assisted my character to become what it is today.
My childhood was not the easiest to have. I had only ever known my parents as being divorced. I lived with my mother and my siblings, and we maybe saw our dad a few times a month. My mother did not hang around the best people and made poor decisions, especially when it came to taking care of her children. When I was only in first
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I have not used these obstacles as an excuse to act up or do poorly in school. Instead, I have developed integrity, leadership skills, and self-discipline. Following moral or ethical convictions and doing what is right, is something that I am passionate about. Witnessing the events that surrounded my parents, I never wanted to endure those same hardships. In order to withhold the moral doctrine, I established standard of excellence to hold myself accountable. One quality that I find most imperative is honesty. Being honest is something most of my attributes my friends recognize. They know that if they come to be about a problem, I am going to be honest and not sugar coat things. Additionally, whenever I am in a situation and I do not know how to act, I ask myself, “What would Jesus do?” Asking this question helps remind myself of what my priorities are and how I should act. Furthermore, the leadership skills I have developed due to my life are a true blessing. Through my office of Senior Class President, I am able to lead others to success. I encourage my fellow officers as well as give them support in their struggles. Due to the lack of support I received, I try to give back to others. Moreover, the discipline I have for myself has contributed to who I am today. I set academic goals as well as various short-term goals to hold myself responsible for my success. In order to gain this success, I must in turn manage my time. With the numerous activities and responsibilities I have as the Senior Class President, I require a set schedule of my duties. For example, I schedule times when I need to study for my classes so that I do not procrastinate. I work incredibly hard in my academics and, therefore, remain in the very top of my class of around 1100 seniors. The stereotype of children from low-income families who face hardships are not going anywhere in life is not true at all. Being the Senior

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