Personal Statement : Emergency Medical Technician Essay

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Bing Emergency Medical Technician isn’t about flashing light, wearing a uniform, working with firefighters, others’ and it is not about driving a track. There are all thing that many aspiring EMT dream of. There are a lot of peart to an EMT’s job. There are emergency medical which take up the majority of the job. There are also public safely and paramedic which both of these characteristics appeal to me. This isn’t reason I want to become EMT. The important EMT is to becoming appreciable in to a public. To me, it is a chance to grow with the field. A place that I can make a different with in my community. It’s a different I will make every day, it’s a different I want to make is most importantly. As my career, I chose Emergency Medical Technician. I chose this career, because I am interested in becoming an EMT then, becoming Emergency Medical Service. I like to work with different people and help different people in every day. I want to gain more knowledge to be able to help, to save people live. I want to be able to be there when they are in need of an emergency. I would like to make a different in this world. EMT’s help trapped individuals when they are involved incident, student in a vehicles and can’t get out. EMT’s aren’t only help in an incident, they are working in different places that need. It isn’t always about helping illness person and injuries person but also the family. In some time, the family member want to know what is happening you…

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