Essay Personal Statement : Dota 2

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Roughly a little over a year and a half ago, I was becoming bored of the habitual and mundane games I was playing, and decided to look to play others. One particular game grabbed my attention from the start, Dota 2. With nearly ten million players and a dedicated fan base, I decided to give it a try. I was hooked immediately. This game would begin to play a large role in my life, as I dedicated much of my time to becoming better. I have won hundreds of dollars from tournaments, yet this is only a fraction to what professional players win. Top players from top teams become millionaires, as prize pools have only been increasing. The International 5, the game’s largest tournament, was just held this past summer, and broke numerous records with its eighteen million dollar prize pool. These professional games are extremely entertaining to watch, and the competitive scene is extraordinarily popular throughout the world. Games have even been broadcasted on ESPN and Sportscenter. I have decided to come with a top ten list of my favorite, most memorable, and most entertaining Dota 2 games I have seen.
My number ten game of all time was not even an actual game, but was actually the all-star game for the International Four. And although the game was still entertaining, the game itself was not the reason why it made my list. The draft and reaction from the crowd is what made this so fun to watch. Valve, creator and developer of Dota 2, allowed the players to pick a hero name Techies, a…

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