Essay on Personal Statement : Career Goals

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PERSONAL STATEMENT: I am an enthusiastic, ambitious and professional individual who has a proven track record of achieving results in highly competitive environments. I am a sales Manager who is driven to hunt for new business, and is mentally resilient enough to be able to push past rejection to achieve results. I am a talented leader, who has and will enhance the performance of any business by using my leadership experience, self motivated drive, and my commitment to succeed by building outstanding relationships with our customers, employees, and staff while maintaining the overall focus to drive revenue and growth to the company.
My performance is results driven, and my production and training skills will shine on their own merit. I enjoy working with a skilled team of people, in a fast paced environment.
I am looking for a challenging position, where I have the ability and knowledge from my past experiences to resolve issues quickly while bringing in revenue for the company.

SALES MANAGER SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS: Meeting all Sales Goals, Negotiation, Selling to the Customers Needs, Motivation for Sales, Sales Planning, Building Relationships, Coaching, Managing Processes, Market Knowledge, Developing Budgets, and Staffing.


Global Security Solutions Glendale, AZ.
Marketing Sales…

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