Personal Statement : Building A Dream Team Essay

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Who Matters to me as a manager, is important when it comes to building a dream team. If I had the opportunity to build my management dream team the people that I would choose would be those that possess the following qualities;
Positive attitude
Good communication skills Trust worthy
Shares the same value Individuals who possess these qualities are who I would want to be on my dream team. In my experience employees must be aligned with the greater purpose of the organization. It’s not enough to hire someone with the technical skills for the job,” says Schreiber. “You also need to make sure the candidate shares the same values as the rest of your team. A team that’s selected through shared values will be far higher-performing than those without.”A real-world business leader that I admire and would like to model myself after is Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry had a dream and he worked hard until his dream came true. From my dream team, I would like to learn how to be a better communicator. Good communication is key to the success of any team, but critical for teams trying to make dreams come true. Impactful team members are able to interact well with others. They are receptive to feedback, open to others ideas and have the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully when conflict arises. My dream team will have character. Integrity, loyalty, ethical behavior and trust. Which are all essential character traits for a dream team.Character often…

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