Personal Statement : ' Boys Will Be Boys ' Essay

771 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
When I was growing up I would make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of accidents. The first thing that my mom or dad would say was “Boys will be boys” and I realize that I have used that as an excuse to do things for a really long time. But some people use it as an excuse to do the wrong things. For example, rape, stealing, and many more unspeakable and horrible things. All I would have to say is “Boys will be boys” and I was cleared and everything was okay just because I was a boy. This is extremely unfair and not to mention not right whatsoever. I had a sister and she would follow me around and do the same things as me but I wouldn’t get in trouble and she would. I would get away with it just because I was a guy.

I recall one time I had punched my brother, we had gotten into a brawl over a toy, and my sister punched him a week or two later over the same toy and got spanked. Guess what I got away with “Boys will be boys”. Honestly this was great for me but other people may not be as nice as me to others. Not to mention not only did she get in trouble my brother and I were both given popsicles afterwards and she got time out. A bit harsh to say the least. But anyway she got over and I didn’t care to speak up because I was getting treated better and nothing was going to change just because I am a boy. The sirens came and then “Boys will be boys” again. I was in fifth grade and a couple of friends and I have just burnt down a bush right next to…

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