Personal Statement : Being Grateful Essay

727 Words Nov 12th, 2015 3 Pages
Being grateful is not just learned as a child, being grateful can be learned at any age. My family has taught me to be grateful throughout my life, and I continue to learn it every day. They teach me to be grateful three ways, first going around the table at thanksgiving and saying what you are grateful for, second my grandpa teaching me to be patriotic, and third my parents making me work for what I want.
The first way my family has taught me to be thankful is, on my dad’s side of the family, before we start eating our thanksgiving meal we go around the table and each person has to say what they are thankful for. This taught me a lot about being thankful for what I have. Going around the table and saying what I have to be thankful taught me that I cannot take anything for granted and that every day I am alive should be spent well because days are limited.
As I grow up my grandpa on my mom’s side is a very patriotic veteran, he sees the younger generation who are not as patriotic, and he thinks it is the most disrespectful thing. One time that I remember clear as day, from my junior year of basketball before every game, they would do the national anthem, and none of my team put their hands over there heart, which made my grandpa irate. Then after each game, I would run up in the stands to thank my grandparents for coming, but this time was different. He told me to tell everyone of my teammates to put their hand over there heart next time the national anthem plays because it…

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