Personal Statement : Being A Leader Essay

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I have always considered myself a leader especially because of the environment I grew up in. The ability to become a leader amongst my friends, family, and my organization are all attributed to the choices and effects on other people that I had growing up. When it comes to my organization I have no choice but to be a leader, you can’t just settle for being a manager because people may not truly respect you. As a leader in my organization, I am able to influence not only my supervisors, athletes, as well as my friends. When it comes to influencing my supervisors, I am the connection between the athletes on the team and them because I am in closer age. My ability to show my supervisors the thinking process of the athletes through the eyes of someone who is close in age with them helps contribute to how things are done from a managerial standpoint of the organization. When it comes to the athletes it’s the same thing but the other way around. Because of how close I am in age, I am not just a coach to them but a peer as well. They are more inclined to listen to things I say because they understand me more. The messages I send them don’t come from just a coach’s standpoint but it comes off to them as a friend that has love for them as well. When people understand that you want them to be successful and are willing to help them get there, they look at you as a leader.

I know I personally can never get too tired of being praised for the things I do at work or in life in general. I…

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