Essay on Personal Statement : Basketball Warm Ups

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It was like any other day; basketball warm ups, a few sprints, rehydration, and everyone gathering around in a circle to start the game. This game wasn’t like every other game, we had a different coach sitting on the bench. We put our heads together and tried to play the game we love, but we looked like baby deer learning how to walk. We were so uncoordinated and confused. My team and I were left with so many question and such little reasoning. As we packed up our bags, you could feel the despair filling the locker room. Bottles were being thrown, and jerseys were put in the bottom of our lockers as if they were never going to be touched again. We knew we were never getting our coach back. Little did I know what was ahead of me, but I know what I had come through. Let me take you back to who our coach was. Our head coach happened to be my second mom, since I no longer had mine. I was so close to her I felt somedays we could feel each other’s heartbeat. I knew a little bit more information than the rest of my team. The hard part was keeping it to myself and trying to keep it all together. I was the only one who knew our coach was leaving the state. I tried to be strong for my team, but my aching heart was shining right through my broken eyes. Our coach had personal reasons why she had to leave the team, along with our school shutting down. My nights became early mornings and my early mornings became my nights. Sleeping just wasn’t in the question anymore. I tried to be…

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