Personal Statement : An Individual 's Life Essay

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Desire is a word that is big enough to change an individual’s life. I desire for learning, attaining better and higher education. We shouldn’t force our wish on others, then why to impose or be a burden to someone. From my childhood, I always tried to support my family instead of being a burden to them. I had worked in an education institution as a receptionist during my under graduation. I have a sister who is still a dependent kid, her education, her living every thing is relying on my family and I don’t want to increase any more burden to my family. Because I think I am enough grown up, educated that can bear my expense on my own shoulder. So, with the help of scholarship I want to reduce the burden on my father (the only employee in my family). Now also I am working as a student worker in my department library, just to bear my living expense. This is just a small portion of my life, which I am carrying so that I can proceed ahead in my life.
From childhood I am always eager to learn new concepts, try new things, and doing something, which I am not aware of. During the early days of my under graduation, I wasn’t a very scholar student. In my first semester I was awarded with 7.81 out of 10. I wasn’t satisfied with my performance. Immediately after my first semester I started planning for next semesters with a better schedule, better strategy, and bulk of books. And with all my effort and determination I always saw an increasing graph, growth in my marks. By the end of my…

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