Personal Statement About My Life

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Life is a struggle it has its good days and its bad days but there are some days that are just awful which make you lose you’re on humanity, and just find new ways to make you forget so you don’t have to relieve those memories. On those days, you felt like I was surrounded by darkness most of my life it was like the world had engulfed me into this type of abyss disconnected from society and manipulated and corrupted by evil deeds from people I thought were friend people I had considered to be my family. There were many moments where I questioned my life and there were also moments I had lost all hoped I had wished I was gone never to be heard or seen again and wondered if I would ever be missed or remembered by anyone.
I grew up in the West
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My goal was to be the first of my generation of my family to go to and graduate college. Now that I am in college I am trying my best to succeed I don’t have the same friends from before but I am starting to make new ones and even though we just finished our second week of college I have to say they are pretty cool people they are some people with similar stories and there are others with stories that were much worse but everyone at this Point want the same things to be the first in their families to graduate college, meet new people, find a career they are passionate about, and make their parents proud. There isn’t much I have done these couple weeks but I did start college I am meeting new amazing people and Professors. I work with Monterrey Security as event security at different places in Chicago for different events like soccer games, football, running events, lollapalooza, and other types of events. I have also been training for the marathon since august and I have been putting so much dedication into my running and now that the Chicago marathon is two weeks away I just can’t wait to tackle those 26.2 miles just like these 4 years in college. I also still keep in contact with my teachers and old classmates but most importantly I am still being helped from One Goal and I am still volunteering with buildOn as an alumni I actually go and help on Tuesdays, …show more content…
I also see myself working in a job I love to do with my future wife and I also see myself moving into my new apartment and helping my parents with rent, food, and other necessities just taking care of them like they took care of them. I see many things for my future it’s just hard to describe but ultimately I want to be ready to help sons/daughters through school and just being there like my parent because they raised me right even if my past wasn 't as great. Lastly, I just see a big happy family people, friends, and anyone who has ever impacted me in one room just partying into the

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