Essay about Personal Statement About My Driver License

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With only three months of having my drivers license I was eager to start making plans with my friends outside of my city. A few plans were made, but one particular plan had me excited enough to follow through. My friend, Olivia had introduced the idea of her visiting me. She planned on taking a train to Long Beach, and from there I’d be able to pick her up at the train station. After the plans were made I went to clarify it with my mother. My mother was extremely wary about the idea. The anticipation of a drivers license turns into a terrible trip for a friend. The significance of the trip was a well taught lesson that reminds me that “Mom is always right.” The drive to Long Beach was certainly a long drive for a beginner driver. The traffic wasn’t that bad, and the weather was perfect. Everything seemed to go smoothly, and no second guessing thoughts came across. With the hum of the radio, and a refreshing cup of iced coffee, the day was set for the trip to Long Beach. My eyes constantly scanned the road, and obeyed the rules of traffic. I knew deep down I had to be extremely cautious since I didn’t know the roads all that well. Suddenly, I had the urge to use the bathroom, and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. My stomach twisted, and turned anxiously. Luckily, my eyes caught that a gas station was right ahead of me. Although, I was in the middle lane so I couldn’t move until I got an opening in the lane closest to the gas station. My eyes jolted at the rear view mirror then…

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