Mobility Data Analytics Center: Personal Statement

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Information Technology has evolved to be a driving force for any organisation. I wish to combine technical and business knowledge immaculately in order to provide the technological edge to the organisation. Hence, emerge as a pioneer in IT Management. Furthermore, I covet to mentor, assist and empower more women in IT industry
Having spent 3 years, thriving in a competitive, customer focused Airline domain, I have developed strong technical skills and learnt some Management methodologies. However, IT, being an ever growing sector, requires me to equip myself with the key IT strategy and management skills. With my MISM from Heinz College, I will be able to bring my past to full potential and gain these skills for maximum
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With an existing experience in ‘Travel-Transportation-Hospitality’ Unit, I am interested in continuing the work in Transportation domain with Traffic12. And hence, work on the Intelligent Traffic Management System to manage the traffic effectively in Pittsburgh. It would be a great opportunity to work under the leadership of Sean Qian on the project ‘Mobility Data Analytics Center’.
The most appealing aspect of the MISM program is its interdisciplinary approach. Having a customized MISM, would not just make me a unique candidate, but will also help me make a selection as per my career goals. Beyond the valuable core courses, electives such as IT Project Management, and Strategy Development would provide an in-depth knowledge of the IT-Strategies to understand and leverage the customer, employees, process with technology. Current MISM students, Abhinav Lakshminarayan and Aditya Guglani confirmed the program’s excellence, flexibility and the best combination of technology-business
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Hence, I would learn to design IT solutions for the organisation’s efficient performance and growth. I believe that the MISM program courses such as Negotiation, Business Process Modelling, and Interactive-Marketing would help me prepare for this future role. I have strengthened my fundamental skills in IT Management with ITIL Foundation Certificate which I acquired with 99%.
My passion for technology and desire to deliver are the crucial motivation towards my long-term goal of becoming a CIO. The extensive work coupled with the continuous learning would help me prepare for the position. And the program courses on Strategic Planning, Security, and Negotiation would help me acquire essential knowledge for a successful career ahead.
Truly inspired and motivated by the female leaders such as Rebecca Jacoby CIO, Cisco Systems for their excellent work in the IT Industry, I am keen to play my part in empowering women in IT industry while being a part as College alumnus and a

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