Essay On Why I Want To Become Anesthesiologist

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I am a third-LJear Đollege studeŶt. With the edžĐeptioŶ to oŶe seŵester, I have ďeeŶ oŶ the DeaŶ List or HoŶor’s
List at CSUDH since Fall 2013. My grades are an achievement; I work very hard to keep them up and maintain my G.P.A. I have high expectations for myself in my life and career, so I am doing everything possible to perform my best and to reach that position.
My ultimate career aspirations would be either an anesthesiologist or a trauma surgeon. To me the anesthesiologist brings people back to life while they are undergoing a procedure, whether minor or life -threatening while a trauma surgeon literally save lives and is exposed to so many different patients. They have a responsibly that can be both exciting but full of pressure. You
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I was hoping see professionals in their specialized environment would help me decide what is best for me for the beginning of my h ealth career. Moreover, I decided to apply for the program include gaining research experience out of interest and as an asset for applying to medical school. It sets the foundation for my medical and a provides a basis when analyzing possibly life -changing research studies and its results. Personally, I want the opportunity to prove to myself that I 'm good enough for this program intellectually and socially. I feel like the program would challenge me in more ways than one; I also feel like the program would put me in a position to be more social. I want to improve ways of expressing and conveying my ideas. I want to meet new people who share some of my interest. I want to put myself in a position to expose myself to professionals who may mentor me and give insight to a science and medical based information while gaining skills based on their experience and knowledge. Lastly, I want to learn. I want to acquire experience, skill, and insight while it is available to me.
I do not have any research experience as of yet but I hope you will see I am extremely driven and have

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