Personal Speech: The Rules Of A Happy Life

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TOPIC: Rules of Happy Life
GENERAL PURPOSE: To increase the knowledge of the audience
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To Inform the audience with the rules of a happy life.
THESIS/ Central Idea:
I. (Attention Getter) Rules are very important to achieve anything in our life. By following some rules we can easily get our desired goals. Happiness is very important goal for everyone. There are certain rules which should be followed by us to achieve a happy life.
II. (Relevancy Statement) After conducting my research about the happiness, I have found that many of the people do not like the rules and regulation. The reason is that they considered the rules as a sort of restrictions. But without rules, we can’t think even about a game.
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(Credibility Statement) With the help of my conducted research about happy life, I will introduce you with the fact about what happiness is and what are different rules of a happy life.
IV. (Reveal Topic) Happiness is very important for our life. We can’t imagine our life without happiness.
V. (Preview) Every person struggles for happiness in his/her life. In order to achieve a stable and happy life, we need to adopt and follow some rules for achieving happiness in our life.
(Transition: Let’s start with defining what happiness is and what is meant by a
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(MP 2) The two important rule of a happy life is living with a purpose and spending time with family members and friends.
A. (SP 1) A specific purpose give proper directions to our life’s activities and achievement of purposes give us happiness. Spending time with family members and friends give us a sense of relief which leads towards a sense of satisfaction and happiness.
1. Individuals are more joyful with when have purposes in their life: a confidence in an option that is greater than themselves from religion, spirituality or logic of life.
2. Live working towards a specific purpose or purpose that are adjusted to our requirements, qualities and character (self-concordant objectives). While seeking after self-concordant objectives our feeling of fulfillment (happiness) increments.
3. According to research, friendship can avert germs. Our brains control many of the components in our bodies which are in charge of disease. Just as push can trigger sick wellbeing, it is felt that friendship and happiness can have a defensive impact.
4. Friendship has a much greater impact all things considered on happiness than salary

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