Essay about Personal Selling & the Marketing Concept

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Personal Selling & The Marketing Concept
Personal Selling - A Definition and a Philosophy

Personal Selling is a process of developing relationships; discovering needs; matching the appropriate products with these needs; and communicating benefits through informing, reminding, or persuading.

The development of a personal selling philosophy for the information age involves three prescriptions:
1) Adopt marketing concept.
2) Value personal selling.
3) Assume the role of a problem solver or partner in helping customers make buying decisions.

Personal Selling as an Extension of the Marketing Concept

When a business firm moves from a product orientation to consumer orientation, we say that it has adopted the marketing
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Instead, the buyer's needs are identified through two-way communication.
3) Consultative selling emphasizes information giving, problem solving, and negotiation instead of manipulation.
4) Consultative selling emphasizes service after the sale.

Evolution of Strategic Selling

A strategic market plan is an outline of the methods and resources required to achieve an organization's goals within a specific target market. The strategic market plan should be a guide for a strategic selling plan. This plan includes strategies that you use to position yourself with the customer before the sales call even begins.

The strategic/consultative selling model features 5 steps:

Develop a relationship strategy.
Success in selling depends heavily on the salesperson's ability to develop, manage, and enhance interpersonal relations with the customer.

A relationship strategy is a well-thought-out plan for establishing, building, and maintaining quality relationships.

Develop a product strategy
The product strategy is a plan that helps salespeople make correct decisions concerning the selection and positioning of products to meet identified customer needs.

Develop a customer strategy
Customer strategy is based on the fact that success in personal selling depends on the salesperson's ability to learn as much as possible about the prospect. When

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