A Reflective Essay On How To Become A Servant Leader

Over the past few months, I was blessed to be serving as a Practice Manager at the UCF Community Care Center. This was a great experience because I was able to perform each duty effectively and satisfactorily. I was able to serve in different areas, such as administrative, management, business, and other functions respective to being a Practice Manager. I was also able to learn from each experience, which has made me improved on my leadership skills and made me a better leader. With the help of James C. Hunter, I was capable of understanding what servant leadership is and how to become a servant leader. For one to become a servant leader, it requires motivation, feedback, and extended practices. As the Practice Manager, I had to perform administrative tasks such as maintaining an orderly and efficient office routine; administering established guidelines for prioritizing work …show more content…
By serving others, I help them to achieve and improve. The James Hunter book helped me to develop my leadership skills. “Leadership is influencing people to commit to the mission. Leadership is influencing people to become the best they are capable of becoming” (Hunter, 2004). Over the past four months, I have developed into a better leader and I was given to opportunity to influence my staff to become the best and at excelling at their jobs. Servant leadership influenced some of the decisions I have made in the past. For example, for the morale issue that the UCCC had in the clinic, I tried to resolve this by encouraging my employees to “take leadership responsibilities, to understand that everyone is responsible for the success of the team” (Hunter, 2004). My goal in this situation was to ensure that each employee is happy and contented with their work environment, because happy employees mean a more comfortable environment for both our employees and our

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