Essay on Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility Essay
Michael Burkey
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Thesis Statement Personal Responsibility is taking charge of one’s own learning by doing all the assignments and observing good management of time in order to complete all the day’s work. Taking personal responsibility by a student can lead to a good healthy lifestyle, and great amount of college success.
What Personal Responsibility means to me It refers to an individual’s ability to take care of themselves by keeping healthy through managing their emotions, maintaining a sound mind and treating the self with respect. This means that this individual takes responsibility for their actions and accepts the consequences that arise from those
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I go on and apologize to that individual for having wronged them. I also have the logical intelligence, an intelligence type that is associated with being good with numbers and reasoning smartly. This intelligence enables me in making good propositions, hypotheses, in addition to my competence in quantifying and calculating. Not only am I very good in my class with solving mathematical problems, I also help my peers in establishing solutions to some of the problems they encounter in their daily lives. Through is through being capable of perceiving relationships and connections and applying abstract and symbolic thought in the matters presented to me. My friends sometimes wonder how I make it to provide solutions to situations they present to me; I tell them it is just through inductive and deductive reasoning. The application of sequential reasoning has specifically driven me to the field of science where I am very interested in determining why many of the natural things we experience happen the way they do. For instance, why do birds become inactive at night and very active at dawn? I am very interested in establishing relationships that connect cause and effect. For personal responsibility, logical intelligence is equally important (Furnham & Petrides, 2004). Through the application of inductive and deductive reasoning, I am able to avoid situations that can provoke negative results if I approach a person the same way I did in a

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