Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility
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Personal Responsibility

Even though we may not all be raised to be responsible people, we generally come to learn that responsibility pushes us toward focus and hard work which in turn helps us to become responsible adults. lists responsibility as an adjective and defines it as one being answerable or accountable, something within one’s power, control or management whereas personal is one person such as one self. I imagine if there was a world that didn’t include personal responsibility that we wouldn’t have a population that never wanted to be successful and wanted successful families.

As responsible adults we all have different core values but in essence we all know
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I’ve heard my children mention many times that their cousins, my nephews and nieces were late for school because their parents didn’t wake them up on time. My children were taught the responsibility of waking themselves up so they knew what being responsible meant. They were responsible for themselves and they knew if they didn’t wake up on time they would be late to school which in turn could mean a possible tardy and after so many tardy days they would have to stay after school. Consequences would be what this is called and something that you too can teach your child at an early age, something we are all taught at an early age if we follow the instructions.
As toddlers we learn that being responsible produces results. When you arrive at pre-school on time every day you are exposed to consistent learning techniques such as cutting and writing. We learned if we turn the scissors a certain way or run with them in our hands we can harm ourselves. Had we not attended school we wouldn’t have learned some of the basic techniques that we as adults use every day.
In conclusion, although not everyone may have been raised to be responsible adults in their minds if they look back at their childhood they will see that they were taught they just needed to take the tools they were taught as children and use those values responsible. We learned that there are

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