Personal Responsibility Of Academic Achievement

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Academic Achievement
Academic achievement, to me, means allowing your students to meet their maximum educational levels and to attain their educational as-well-as personal goals. Whether the student’s goals are long-term or short-term, their successes should be met. I, as a pre-service teacher, am dedicated in making sure that each of my students will be able to meet their goals. Whether they may be making the honor roll, or graduating high school and going on to earn a college degree, I will be there for my students to help them in any possible way. Academic achievement helps shape the thoughts of students. I will make sure to encourage their learning potentials to think deeper, because in every subject matter, critical thinking will play a major part in solving or working through problems. The student’s achievement should not be solely based on test scores, but a differentiated learning set that does not exclude anyone from being able to achieve in some manner.

Personal Responsibility
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This includes that I am morally responsible for the outcome of my actions. I will not blame my students for something that was wrong on my part. I understand that students must accept the responsibility to study hard and learn as much as they can, but they have limits. My job is to press against those limits to reach their maximum educational capacity. I feel that I owe education to others because of everything that my past and current teachers and professors have done for me. They have shaped and molded me into the individual I am today, and I want the opportunity to impact a student’s life. This is a personal responsibility that has been engraved on my heart and I hope to fulfill this passion. Teachers are called into this profession because we want to make differences. That is our call to social

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