Personal Responsibilit Essay

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Personal Responsibility Nichole DeClouette GEN/200 Foundations For General Education And Professional Success October 27, 2014 Barbara White

Personal Responsibility How would people feel if every day we lived our lives not knowing if we would have to pay the price for the next person’s actions? What if we were constantly being held responsible for the life of someone else, possibly even a stranger? I think we can all agree the world would be chaotic and for that reason everyone is expected to maintain personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is the act of being responsible for yourself, your actions and faults, and admitting when wrong. Even though people are aware of this, some people avoid personal
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He also stated that “taking personal responsibility for our own lives has something to do with not imposing burdens on other people” (pp 14-15). In my opinion, how successful someone is in their college education falls solely on each person. To be a successful college student, you must be proactive. Some ways I feel that will benefit a student is to look ahead to further assignments and readings so you know what is coming up and can plan accordingly. Also, when help is needed, instead of waiting around, do not hesitate to take advantage of any tutoring that is available. Personal responsibility means not making excuses. In college, you must learn to manage your time and understand that it is your education, so it is what you make of it. The teacher is there to provide the knowledge but it us, the students, responsibility to take that knowledge and apply it to your learning. Another important connection between personal responsibility and college success is when in school, be in school. To be in school means to complete and turn in assignments on time, participate in class, do not be afraid to ask questions and to take your work seriously. Ron Haskins is a former Senior Advisor to the President for Welfare policy at the White House, and now co-director of the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution. Haskins wrote a research article titled, “The Sequence Of Personal

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