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Quotes My Response
p. 197 “He berates Lourdes for leaving him with a father she knew was irresponsible.”

1 Enrique should not reproach Lourdes for leaving him with his father; she did what she thought was the best for him. He should talk with his father about it. He should talk with his father and clarify all your doubts.
It might have been different; however, he 'll never know. Most of the parents don 't know how to be parents, but some of them when to receiving a responsibility of an infant try to be the best that they can. Unfortunately, Enrique has an irresponsible man as the father.
p. 197 “Why did she send Belky so much money, to cover tuition at a private school her aunt sent her to?”

2 treated him differently from his sister. It could be part of his imagination. However, the most reasonable conclusion is that Lourdes as other parents felt that girl had needed more help. Plus, she assumed that Enrique 's father could support more the only boy in the family.
p. 198 “Enrique tells Lourdes her bigger mistake was getting pregnant a year after arriving in the United States.”

3 He should wait to talk with her and try to understand the motives that Lourdes had to do what she did. Lourdes is a human and can make mistakes like everyone. She was desperate, heartbroken, and disappointed. Then, she thought that she had found happiness in the United States, but she was wrong again. To learn some people have to make mistakes; experiences are important to mature.
p. 198…

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