Personal Reflective Essay: The Sport Of Youth Football

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To me soccer has alway been about the teamwork and fair play involve with the sport that I love, how ever over the years the game has been more and more about the signal concept of winning. I personal feel that this is an over reach to what the game has been traditionally about. Soccer is a relatively cheap sport, builinding healthy, coordination, speed and stamina for life, and it doesn’t discriminate against any body size or height. youth soccer has become very much entrenched in our communities across the nation. For soccer lovers, this is a great time to be involved with the game and revel in its coming of age. I still feel however while the game has grand tremendous populated in the united states their is still this stigma that in order to sussed you must win constantly. However I don’t want to understate the emphasis on working hard to additive high goals for your self. So is there a glance to victory and hard work in the game of soccer. To me youth soccer was an outlet that helped me both get outside and make new friends, I feel that’s a common reaction from most people. It …show more content…
I can understand this because is you don’t strive for something then you don’t care for it. If you don’t care you don’t want to put in the effort to make whatever your doing successful. Sometimes this can drive for susses can lead torwads underfloor sportsmanship, because personal I have known both players and teams that stress the importance of winning so much that they resort to dirty tick such as slide tacking, stepping on ankles, and unesscary roufhness. This is part of the concert and problem with fair play because what line honest that

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