Personal Reflections : My Personal Reflection Essay

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My Personal Reflections I didn 't come to understand values and what treasure to hold on as a person until I become a Christian twenty years ago. My faith in God developed as I involved in the church and that most of my activities then revolved around the church and the church community. I came to understand what love is, and having God who loved me the most more than anybody else has become a motivation for me to show and share the same love I received to people around me, the families I had worked with since I became a nanny, and the elderly people I looked after as a home support worker. Though of course my love to people did not come overnight , it had developed as I open myself to connect with them not only because I have a job to perform but it goes back to what my religious belief is and my relationship to my God. Respect, trust and honesty are next in my list of values. I consider these values to work hand in hand and are to be earned. I put a high regard to everyone especially to authorities down to the youngest generation, that includes the children. Growing up from a strict family where my dad is the highest authority, I developed a very strong sense of independence and to be on my own the moment I reached my twenties and that was the time when I left home and work as a nanny overseas. It was a tough decision then at a very young age as I considered, but I was determined to explore what is life away from home. Over the years I took responsibility for myself…

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