Personal Reflection: The Strengths Of Time Management

Time management is a problem that everyone experiences, some people are better at it than others, but we all struggle with it. Life is a busy thing and we often fall behind. This project gives some insight as to how time is being spent by tracking every action made for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for an entire week. The data collected provides an opportunity to look at where time is being spent throughout the week and can be helpful in showing where time is be wasted the most. After collecting the data, schedule adjustments can be made to take more advantage of the time that we have. I have learned several things throughout the course of this project. I learned that, other than sleeping, most of my time is spent studying and participating in leisure activities.
Before I completed this project I thought that I was managing my time poorly. It always felt like I never had enough time in the day, days in a week, or weeks in a month to complete all of the various things I wanted to accomplish. I had always thought that one of my biggest weaknesses was
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I definitely exhibited this in my data collection as I was completing many assignments a day and studying several hours at a time. One of the biggest things that surprised me was how much time I actually put into school work. In one week I spent nearly fifty three hours going to class and studying. I am definitely treating college like a full time job. My study habits were consistent throughout the week. I like to study alone, or with my cat, in my home at my desk. It allows me to easily be organized and does not allow for a lot of distraction. A lot of my studying is done between five o’clock in the afternoon and midnight. I found that my study habits could be improved if I spent more time practicing the things that I am bad at instead of avoiding

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