Reflective Essay On Managing A Team

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After completing the campaign for the semester, I have learned that I am better at managing a team than I give myself credit for. At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t have much experience managing other people and was worried about how I would be able to handle it. All in all, I was able to keep the team on track, for the most part, throughout the whole campaign process. I was very happy with how much I was able to get out of people and how hard everyone worked on the campaign. If there is one thing that I could improve on, it would be to be tougher on people who are not doing there share. This campaign has also reinforced a lot of characteristics that I thought I had. I was good at approaching people to recruit them, speaking in front of the …show more content…
I hope to one day be able to own my own agency or business and this experience was great to be able to prepare myself for what that might be like. As stated earlier, I do not have a lot of managerial experience and so this was a great learning experience for me because I feel like this is real world experience. I feel like it helped reinforce all of my skills that I have gained previously and helped me fine-tune those skills. Overall, I feel very confident in the campaign and the work we accomplished. Unfortunately, our client did not think so, but that is a lesson to be learned as well. The client might ask for one thing and you have an idea of how to best carry it out. Although, they have another idea that might not work as well so you technically do not succeed in the end, even if you did a great job. This was great experience to put on a resume and I am hoping that this experience will lead to a job. I could not be more proud of everyone, the lessons we all learned, and the ideas we were all able to share. I feel like we were all able to grow as class, not just as a campaign as well, which is something I will remember

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