Personal Reflection ( Part I ) Essay examples

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Personal Reflection (Part I)

Culture is often looked at as an integrated pattern of learned behaviors, and beliefs that we often share among groups. This includes the way we interact, communicate, our views on relationships, roles, values, and customs. My culture is very important to me in regards to the music, art, and dance that makes me, me and the others around me, individuals. I grew up listening to music that I loved, along with learning how to dance through many dance classes I took. This includes tap, jazz, and ballet. When I listen to music from my culture, I feel that I connect with the music through the lyrics I hear. Music helps me at times, to deal with my emotions. Dance makes me feel the same way. I feel free and careless while I move all around. Art is a beautiful reminder of where we come from and where we are. Often, I find myself connecting with other people from my culture and other cultures as well when we have a love or interest in the same types of music, art, or dance no matter what culture it comes from. Art is created in response to a culture and vice versa. This is what makes art come alive and have meaning for many cultures. “Historians sometimes consider songs as more or less straightforward “reflections” of the society and culture in which they were produced” (History Matters, 2016, p.1). Music and song lyrics help to unify us as people because it expresses an understanding about values, lifestyles, our appearances and even our conflicts.…

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