Personal Reflection Paper

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Invidious comparison and vicarious traumatization are two things that most people will experience in their lifetime. I know for I personally have experienced both during my 28 years of life. Invidious comparison and vicarious traumatization can both be damaging to yourself and other people involved. That is why I'd like to take the time to explain a few important topics on invidious comparison and vicarious traumatization, such as; how to stop invidious comparison, identify strategies that I currently use to avoid vicarious traumatization in my personal life, how those strategies will help me avoid vicarious traumatization as a human service worker and what strategies I could develop to avoid it as well.

I myself have compared myself
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Exercising is a great way to relieve stress, clear my mind and stay mentally and physically fit. Talking to someone is also a great way to avoid vicarious traumatization. A therapist, a friend or family member are all great outlets when looking for someone to talk to. All of those people can help give me a better perspective on the things that I may be looking at negatively. I personally like to talk to my best friend, I exercise at least for 2 hours almost every day, and I always try to keep a balance between work life and my personal life.

The three strategies that I have found that work for me to avoid vicarious traumatization include, talking to my best friend, exercising almost every day, and keeping a healthy balance between work and my personal life. I believe these three strategies will help me avoid vicarious tramatization as a human service worker, and the more I practice those strategies the better I will be able to preform my job and maintain a healthy personal lifestyle at home. Talking to someone will allow me to see another perspective on what I am going through. It is also a great way to express feelings or to get something off your chest. It can do damage to sit there and dwell on your feelings, so talking to someone can help ease any negative feelings you may be having. Exercise helps clear my mind and takes me to my place where I just focus on myself. I take time to embrace who I am, take time

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