Personal Reflection Paper On Self Reflection

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Self-Reflection Paper
Secure of myself? Confident and reliable? How am I viewing others and my need for socialization? What are my traumas? These and many other questions I asked prior to writing frightening analysis. For my relief or sorrow, depending on how the content is interpreted, the secure attachment style characterizes my social interaction with others, be it horizontally (among people) or vertically (God & I).
I can firmly claim this style as mine because of the openness observed in most of my relationships. Firstly, in my connection with others, the balance between dependence and self-sufficiency, pride and sense of worth. Secondly, in the manner which I manage my emotions, the wide range of emotions that I experience, and my awareness with respect to the world, others, and myself.
Focusing on the emotional aspect of my attachment style, I can say that I have come to know fiery anger and deep love; however, I know that I am in control of these emotions. I have been able to see this dominance of my feelings several times in the last couple of weeks: the way that I respond to my girlfriend’s unintentional forgetfulness or unresponsiveness, the manner in which I react to my roommate’s lack of cleanliness, or a good cologne; slow traffic, disrespect from others, and inattentive behavior of some people to life changing decisions I have been about to make. This emotional steadfastness is only a consequence of an ever growing relationship with God. I have learnt that…

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