Personal Reflection Paper On My Life

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Personal Reflection Paper

Through out my life I have been blessed with many opportunities to grow, and learn.

When I was 19 years old God changed my life to follow Him. He truly saved me in so many

ways, and gave me hope when I had none. I am now 25 years old, and feel like God has been

molding and shaping me into who He wants me to be. In September 2013 I began the journey of

one of the best times of my life. For about two years I felt God moving in my heart to move to

Florida. I didn’t know why at the time, when I was going to, or how I would do it, but God did.

In September 2013 I moved to Jacksonville Florida to join YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

YWAM is a mission organization whose mission statement is to know God and to make God

known.I had the privilege to serve with them for 2 years and got to do three different training

schools to grow in my walk with God.

I feel like my time at YWAM was set apart for me to grow in my identity in Christ, and

to spend time at rest with Him. I learned what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ, and why

we were created. God showed me more of His love for me and took me deeper in my

relationship with Him and taught me what it means to live by faith in all aspects of my life.

During this time in my life I truly had to trust, and depend on God for all my needs.

In order to join YWAM you have to take what is called a DTS (Discipleship Training

School).In this…

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