Personal Reflection On Self Reflection Essay

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Self-Reflection This college semester went very well for me, compared to last semester. I have all A’s and B’s thus far in my classes. Although I focus the majority of my effort in my Nursing classes. Some obstacles that I have encountered would be dividing my time between school and my family and friends. I have coped with this by spending my weekends with my loved ones when I do not have to study for that small period of time. Being a commuter is also a struggle that I face going to Valparaiso University. It takes me thirty minutes to get to school, and thirty minutes to get home. That is an hour of my day that I spend driving in the car, not to mention sometimes I make this trip more than once due to me having dogs at home, and I have classes at different times. Next semester I will fix this problem by taking an online class that is three credit hours, so I do not have to come to any classes besides my Nursing classes. A successful experience I have had at Valparaiso University happened recently. An assignment that I had was to go to the Boys and Girls club and to educate the children about oral hygiene. It was a fun experience being in the community. Especially interacting with children being that, Pediatrics is what Nursing field I want to go into. The children were full of energy with smiles on their little faces, eager to learn. Beyond a college degree, I want to gain from my college experience the ability to succeed in my work place and be financially stable.…

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