Personal Reflection On Self Compassion Essay

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There is conflict in every relationship, often resulting in blame and resentment of one’s partner while avoiding taking any blame. Steven Stosny (2010) talks about how resentment of one’s partner comes from one’s own attempt to avoid failures. In essence, one believes that they are the victim and their partner is the faulty one. Steven suggests that the way to combat this emotional abuse is through self-compassion. He says that one must be sensitive to the reasons for their resentment and must be motivated to heal and improve themselves. The better we feel about ourselves, the more we are able to love others. Thus, self-compassion reduces resentment and in turn creates a more successful relationship. The purpose of this paper is to support Stosny’s (2010) advice that in order to create a healthy relationship, one must work to better one’s self and have more self-compassion. Families Across the Life Course (2013) explains some of the interaction patterns found in married couples, which also apply to most relationships. Commonly in relationships, partners will end up resenting the other due to misunderstanding of the other’s motives. People in unhealthy relationships tend to view their own actions as innocent while their partner’s are seen as more malicious or self-serving. One sees their partner’s negative behaviours as internal, stable, and global while viewing their negative behaviours as external, unstable, and specific. In healthy relationships however, partners…

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