Personal Reflection On Personal And Professional Development Essay

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Reflective Ethical Autobiography

To be self-aware is to understand, and accept whom one becomes. It encompasses your journey, and experiences, which have merged together to help create the person we become. As a woman, it would be impossible for me to fully comprehend my ethical, personal and professional development without reflecting back on my experiences, influences, and interactions. This paper will discuss the influences, experiences which have contributed to my moral and ethical development. In addition, also to be discussed are experiences which had defined my personal and professional development.
Personal Reflection
Include a short paragraph explaining that you will present a personal reflection on ethics and values in this section. You can choose to address any of the example questions or issues provided in the directions Experiences that Contributed to my Personal and Professional Development Experiences that contributed to my personal and professional development entail numerous experiences, as well as jobs. These experiences range from early childhood to adulthood. The experiences that have had the most profound effect on me are cultural, family, friends, and race relations. As a Black woman, I feel that my ability to work comfortably with different cultures is a correlation to my childhood upbringing. Fortunately, my parents had the foresight to recognize that their children would need to be raised around different cultures, to assimilate with other…

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