Personal Reflection On My Experience Essay

1037 Words Jul 27th, 2015 null Page
In this self-reflection of my experience, I am going to be very candid in my feelings and experience about this professional writing class. I feel like this class was not up to my expectations and I did not learn anything that will make me a better writer. Yea, a few concepts became clearer, but I did not learn anything that will make a significant difference in my writing style. I was kind of let down, because I expected to learn a lot about the art of writing and more ways to express my thought in a clearer matter. I cannot fault this class for my lack of writing ability- it is on me to improve my writing skills. However, I thought by accepting that I need to become a better writer and taking a professional writing class over the summer that I am taking the necessary steps to become a better writer. I feel like I haven’t reach that goal this summer. Well, my primary goals were to understand why I was writing good papers and improve my understanding about the art of writing, but that did not happen. I feel like I need to continue to education myself about different writing styles, but, I really want to learn about my own writing style. Another thing that I want to learn more about are the concept of writing more in-depth. Like, there are a lot of concepts that I would love to learn about. I am planning on writing a few books in my life, so I would to be able to really write some great books. So, by learning all the writing concepts I feel like I that will make me a much…

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