Personal Reflection On Legalization Of Marijuana

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Register to read the introduction… I think that the economic, social, and health benefits are substantial. Many adults currently choose alcohol as their drug of choice simply because it’s legal, and marijuana could be a viable and possibly safer alternative for them. Every year, about 88,000 adults die from excessive alcohol usage (Center for Disease Control, 2013). The New York Times Editorial Board also said “Of the two substances, alcohol is far more hazardous” (New York Times, 2013). I think that marijuana can prevent people from binge drinking, because if they can use a safer alternative to alcohol, they might. My personal opinion is that marijuana has been heavily misunderstood and continues to be. I for one believe that there is no issue if a law abiding citizen chooses to use such a benign substance in the privacy of their own home. However, with various states allowing medicinal marijuana and with more on the path to full legalization, this might change …show more content…
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