Essay Personal Reflection On Interpersonal Communication

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I took two classes for the summer of 2016, but the Interpersonal Communication class had me worried the most. I had a training with the army, and that required me to absence from school for two weeks. Unlike my other class, I didn’t have a chance to work ahead of the class with the instructor for the two weeks that I would be missing. Therefore, I was worried that I wouldn’t catch up with my classmates and end up failing the class. However, Ms. Anna was generous and extended the assignment due date for me; she even gave me an extra-credit assignment to replace the credits that I missed during my two weeks in training. Although, I took the Interpersonal Communication class to fulfill my requirements; I learned a lot of useful things that could benefit me in the future. The three lessons that most beneficial me in the future were self-concept, nonverbal communication, and listening.

Everybody could create his/her own self-concept. According to Kory Floyd, in his Interpersonal Communication book, self-concept is “the set of stable ideas a person has about who he or she is” (72). Therefore, an individual could create and define his/her own self-concept based on his/her own opinion about his/herself. It is, thus, that individual self-concept is not influenced by other people or their opinion on his/her self-concept. I used to be shy to present a speech in front of a crowd because I was afraid they might laugh at my accent. Therefore, that fear took over me, and I started…

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