Personal Reflection Of The Self Assessments Provided By Pearson

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This paper will focus on personal reflection and analysis of the self-assessments provided by Pearson. The various assessments offered insight regarding a personal’s personality and characteristic, feedback on how an individual works with others, and analysis of life in organizations. The results of these assessments are based off of the answers that an individual provides – the answers then generate particular results which are dependent upon certain criteria. Utilizing those results to reflect on personal experience within the workplace is another main focus of this project so that one may gain a better insight and gain more knowledge about Organizational Behavior. An in-depth biblical understanding of how certain behaviors affect us as individuals and business people will be applied in order to prove an overall understanding of the material at hand. Very good

Project 2
Step 1 – IntroductionGood use of headings;

The first step of this project focuses on discovering the personality type and characteristics of an individual’s personality traits. What about me, working with others, and life in organizations are the main focus areas within the assessments – various questions are asked in a survey manner in order to generated certain characteristics based on the participant’s answer choices. There were many questions that were asked multiple times, but in different ways in order to ensure there is a true understanding of the individual’s view point on the…

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