Reflection On My Strengths

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Throughout my experience in schools and university, I have focused on fostering and strengthening collegial relationships. This has developed my skills associated with working within a team and believe my strengths lie in listening, willingness to learn and having the ability to fulfil leadership and delegation roles where necessary.

I believe that quality learning and teaching occurs when teams work collaboratively and use each member’s strengths. I believe that my strengths are open-mindedness, supportiveness and possessing a positive and enthusiastic attitude. I enjoy collaboration and working with others to learn and extend my knowledge of learning and teaching. I have worked closely with professional learning teams throughout my experience
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I was involved in a situation where I developed my ability to resolve conflict regarding planning the unit. From this, I have learned and further developed my understanding of different personalities and strengths that individuals bring to a team and how best to assert my ideas and listen to others’. I believe that I hold the social, emotional and academic development of children in the upmost importance and believe I have the skills to collaborate effectively with colleagues to ensure this …show more content…
I believe that my personality has allowed me to undertake involvements with the community with confidence and curiosity. I am a member of the Soup Bus in Ballarat where I enjoy offering help and assistance to others. Furthermore, I have, and will continue to, play the harp for community functions such as university events, church commitments and other functions.

I have demonstrated that I have an eagerness to contribute positively to society through my desire to undertake teaching as a career. I believe that building partnerships with families is integral through constant interactions, updated knowledge of children and communication through diaries, phone calls or emails. I have seen the implementation of Seesaw with families, which has had a positive impact on the educational development of each child. I endeavour to know student’s backgrounds and community involvements for a holistic understanding of the

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