Personal Reflection Of Continuous Learning

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In every field qualities and action in personal life brings transformation and success. To create a quality person, continues learning are the main part for changes in personal and professional changes. Continues learning is the cornerstone of an organizational culture which ensure a organization culture always able to grow better in creating a better serving individual. Cohen( 1975), says to rise to great things’’, lifelong learning is a challenge to our ingenuity and our versatility. Action and reshaping are needed for change in service and rapid growth of a individual. Continues learning is a part of changes indicates alternative ways for quality health production and professionals. Continuos learning is perceived as a process that helps …show more content…
It is important to use reflective diary to record positive and negative experiences and achievements. Making around fifteen minutes time to note a few things happened throughout the learning process will help to focus on any achievements or progress that had made the day and to learn throughout the week for a better improvements. I had my own evidence in writing reflective diaries, by noting my capabilities, strengths and daily accomplishments everyday it boosted my own self-esteem and confidence. Keeping a reflective diary helps to focus thoughts about the day and keep note of important things to remember and will be a useful resource to look back how I had underwent myself in personal and professional changes. Its is strange but when we started to write down what had happened each day we will be able to analyze the learning and events more clearly and make sense of where things may be going wrong in personal and professional changes. Tang(2002), in her learning activities concluded that reflective diary is a useful tool in facilitating reflection and reflective learning.

Omara(2011) stated that ask yourself what you wish for your future. This helps us identifying what we need to familiarize self with changes. Once we are aware, we will be in a good position to control and overcome changes. So if we consistently focus on what we want, it will be easy to implement changes. By thinking of our focus and dreams for future, we will adopt ourself to changes. As said by Hudson(2009) simply pull your focus back to what you want, and begin to feel better. The more practice the faster we will be able to control how we feel emotionally in

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