Personal Reflection : My Reflection Essay

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Assessment: My Reflection I’ve always hated being assessed. Even when I was a young kid I thought it was weird to be compared to another person, standard, or a perception of where I should be. Up until my high school career I hated the idea of grades, but then I started self-evaluating why that was? I started noticing that the classes that I performed the best in were classes that usually didn’t assess my creativity. Whenever I saw a box that said something along the lines of “Creativity 20 points” a lot of my mind just shut down. I started to realize that most assignments that I tried to be the most creative in where shut down by teachers because they were so “far out” when I was a k-4th grader that by the time I was in high school I just didn’t even attempt to do something different then someone else. I think the biggest problem with my story is that sometimes assessment is misused, and I believe it’s because some teachers don’t really have a plan of what they are asking for. I think a lot of times guidelines or rubrics are thought to be for the students benefit, but they are for both the student and the teachers benefit. Also, when you don’t give a structure to a student you leave open the possibility of them working really hard on an assignment, but it might not exactly be what the teacher envisioned. The moment that I realized what had happened, I started gaining the motivation to start trying again. The jump of my grades from sophomore year of high school to my…

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